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NERC Compliance Services

Certrec Provides End-to-End NERC Compliance for Power Utilities.

With Certrec as the NERC regulatory compliance arm for your registered entity you can focus on your core business while we monitor upcoming NERC standards, process paperwork, and ensure your entity remains NERC compliant.

There are many who offer NERC regulatory compliance services as an add-on to their other services. Some even offer it for free. But is that really a bargain? Download the “How to Get What You Need From a NERC Compliance Services Provider” guide to identify the criteria you must look for and the questions you should ask before engaging a NERC compliance services provider who might actually reduce your risk instead of increasing your exposure to fines, and potentially damaging your reputation and the entity’s valuation.

NERC Compliance Solutions

Certrec has helped over 120 generating facilities establish and maintain NERC Compliance Programs. We manage the entire NERC compliance program for 60+ registered sites in the US and Canada who trust us to decrease their regulatory and reputational risk.


Providing On-Site and/or Remote Training covering NERC foundational information, standards and more.


CIP Program Development provides medium and high Cyber Asset Inventory and Network Diagram Development and support, along with Physical Security Assessments.


NERC-related Engineering Support (PRC-019 Coordination Studies, PRC-024 Analysis and Reviews, PRC-025 Analysis and Reviews).


Our team will help ensure applicable regulatory information is identified, evaluated, and tracked to maintain ongoing compliance. Site documentation and required program management and submittals will be maintained on an ongoing basis.


Development and Implementation of an Internal Compliance Program, Policy and Governance Documents, and NERC Standard Procedures and Processes.


RSAW Development, Evidence Review and Development, Pre-Audit Strategy Meetings, Mock Audits, Inherent Risk Assessments (IRAs), Internal Controls Evaluations (ICEs), and guided Self-certifications.

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“I have NEVER had a support issue with Certrec. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure a quality product.”
~ Site Manager

SaaS Solutions

Certrec's Saas applications and web-based tools help you manage your entity's NERC compliance at the click of a button.


Web-based one-stop shop for compliance documents for FERC, NERC, all NERC Regions, and ISOs/RTOs.


Daily notifications of what’s important, along with meeting/webinar/training notifications from FERC, NERC and the regions.


Certrec's Compliance Action Tracking System gives you complete transparency into all the actions and due dates across your entire organization in real-time.


Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets can be completed in our web-based solution for creating, managing, and producing RSAW documentation and evidence.


Certrec On-Demand Regulatory Experts are a pool of industry professionals available to your site. CORE hours can be used for things like research, projects, peer checks, trending, OE support, reviews, and much more.


Business Process Automation uses our Taktix platform to replicate and automate a manual site process, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

White Paper

The Business Value of NERC Compliance Program Management

NERC compliance program management is a highly specialized area of competence. It requires numerous standards to be followed and evidence to be tracked and audited to prove correct regulatory adherence.

Download and read our white paper to understand the business value of NERC compliance program management.